Mediator's Response during COVID-19


COVID-19 Prayer: Pray for those being directly affected by the Pandemic, especially pray for healthcare workers.

At this time, the Berrien County Health Department has set up an online vaccine application form. You can find the information and the link to the form by clicking below.
Note: Continue to check the links below to review what phase is being included.

Visit the Berrien County Health Department site to find information about local vaccination options.

Visit the State of Michigan COVID-19 site for statewide information.

For those living outside Berrien County or MI, please follow your local resources for Vaccine and COVID-19 information.

NEW The Episcopal Church Stand on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted Feb 23, 2021

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations has developed a toolkit for individuals, congregations, and ministries to facilitate and promote COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the United States. This toolkit promotes the ongoing work that parishes and dioceses have already been doing, shares best practices, and offers ideas for ways that communities can help U.S.- based Episcopalians to facilitate vaccination, overcome vaccine hesitancy, and find information from state and local officials. Churches and church leaders (lay and ordained) can serve as an important trusted bridge between public health officials and communities.

In his public service announcement encouraging vaccination, Presiding Bishop Curry says, “This vaccine can prevent the COVID-19 virus. It can help you. It can help those who you love. It can help us all. The Bible says you should love your neighbor as yourself. And getting this vaccine, as well as wearing your face mask, and keeping social distanced, and out of crowds, these are some simple and real ways that we can love our neighbor as ourselves. To love our neighbor, and while you’re at it to love yourself.”

“As a part of our work beyond the church walls, Episcopalians around the U.S. partner with the government all the time to help address problems in our communities, and combatting COVID-19 is no exception,” said Canon C.K. Robertson, canon to the presiding bishop for ministry beyond The Episcopal Church. “We can not only encourage our fellow Episcopalians to get vaccinated to help us return to normal, but churches can ask their local health departments how they can best serve their community in vaccine distribution.”

The toolkit includes 10 actions churches can take to help get everyone vaccinated and resources from the U.S. government on vaccine rollout including links to every state and territory’s vaccine resources page, information on overcoming vaccine hesitancy, and even sample messaging.

Click here to watch the video by Bishop Curry and to read more, including a review of the Toolkit.

Dioceses Latest COVID-19 Message
Posted Feb 20, 2021
We are in regular contact with our friends across the state to track the data related to COVID-19 in hopes of re-entering into in-person activity. At this time, this group email is meeting via Zoom at least every two weeks for conversation and are communicating daily by email.
Click here to read the entire Diocese message.
Zoom Services Continue
We are continuing our Sunday Morning Prayer, Wednesday Evening Bible Study/Compline, and Healing Prayer services on Zoom. Click here to join a Zoom service or follow us with our live stream to our Facebook page by clicking here.
Note: Live streaming to Facebook only occurs with Sunday Morning Prayer. Wednesday and Thursday evening services are a Zoom-only offering.

Re-entry Task Team Updates and Resources

Team members:

Email the task team – email

Linda Anderson (Chair) – email
Mother Darlene (Rector) – email
David Lewis (Sr. Warden) – email 
Paul Cromhecke (Jr. Warden) – email
Jan Anderson – email
Susie Holden – email
Kathleen Hogan-Garrett- email
Carol Grant – email 

Meetings and brief summary of discussion

Next Meeting – TBD

Sep 10 – Planning for Sep 13 gathering. The registration link is now available.

Aug 24 – Plan for Our Celebration of New Ministry outdoor event

Aug 13 – The Aug 6th Mediator Worship Circle was discussed and deemed a success. Additional gathers are scheduled for Aug 20 (at Mtr. Darlene & Jon Kuhn’s home), Aug 30 (at Mediator outside beginning at 630pm MI time).
Weekly gatherings will also be held on Sunday’s at 630pm (MI time) at Mediator outside. A review of indoor seating occurred, but additional seating strategies are still needed before a final plan can be presented to the Vestry.

Aug 6 – Mtr Darlene, Kathleen Hogan-Garrett, and David Lewis met in the sanctuary to begin measuring for indoor services (when approved by Mediator’s vestry)

July 30 – chair selected, recap of July 23 meeting, agreement on small outdoor group gathering dates and locations with a 3rd possible gathering to held at Mediator (outside location TBD)

July 23 – kickoff meeting with some roll playing and how to respond, agreement on small outdoor group gatherings with a max of 10 people


  • At the Feb 21, 2021 Vestry Meeting, all agreed it was time to bring the Re-entry Team back together
  • We continue our Sunday Morning Prayer through Zoom/FaceBook, but our Sunday Evening Worship Circles have ended.
  • An Oct 4th MWC is now being planned and will also be a Pet Blessing, so bring your pets
  • The Aug 30th MWC is now changing to a Celebration of Our New Ministry. See the Communication column to the right for details and the Mediatorite (Aug 23).
  • Plan for each Sunday evenging MWC in Sept @ Mediator beginning at 630pm (MI time)
  • Continue planning for Aug 20th MWC gathering held at Mtr. Darlene & Jon’s home (outside)
  • Review Aug 8th first MWC gathering pros/cons

Mediator Worship Circles (MWC)

 Effective Oct 19, Sunday Evening Outdoor Worship Circles have ended for the season due to changes in the weather

Photo links:
Click here to view the Apart, Yet Together photo album page



Oct 20: Due to recent changes in the weather and a rise in COVID-19 cases in our area, the Sunday Evening services are suspended through the remainder of this year.

Aug 20: We’re thrilled to let you know we will be holding a Celebration of Our New Ministry, including Communion, on Sunday, August 30, 2020, at 6:30pm (MI time) on the back lawn of The Episcopal Church of the Mediator. All are invited to attend. Please bring lawn chairs or a blanket, and an umbrella is recommended to provide shade from the sun. Face masks are mandatory and social distancing will be required. Hand sanitizer will be available.
The Reverend Canon Bill Spaid will join us to represent the Diocese. To read more, click here.
Click here to register to attend.

Aug 10: As we all cope with the on-going pandemic, what are our next steps at Mediator?

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