Rector Search

Actions of service, witness and compassion

Following the retirement of the Rev. Paula Durren, our Rector for 16 years The Church of the Mediator seeks a new Rector to join us in our ministry and lead us into the future.

The Church of the Mediator commissioned the Search Committee on January 27, 2019. Members include Andrew Garrett, Jeannine Totzke, Mary Emrich, Bill Card, Father David Brower, Paul Cromheecke, Susan Collins, Judy Joseph.

Our Prayer for Guidance

In sincere thanksgiving we come to You, Lord, for the many ways You have abundantly blessed us in past years. Now, as we begin a time of discernment and change, guide us in facing these challenges. May we trust You to help us to envision Your perfect plan for us. Empower each of us to play a part in strengthening our commitment to this parish and to our community. You have given each of us talents needed to make our world a better place. May we share these for the good of all. Help us to gratefully show your love in the world. 


Parish Profile

Committee Updates

Search Committee Update of November 17, 2019

A quick refresher.  The Search Committee was charged on January 27, 2019.  The Committee has been following the Diocese’s deliberate process for hiring a new priest.   This required the production of two documents based on parish introspection and conversations.  These...

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Search Committee Update of October 29, 2019

Search Committee Update 10/29/19:  Thank you for your continued prayers. The Committee met with Canon Spaid on October 29 and received three qualified candidates for our rector position. We will now begin the interviewing process. That process will include written, telephone, Skype and in person...

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Search Committee Update – 7/30/19

Thank you for your prayers. We continue meeting and discerning. The documents required by the Diocese are completed and submitted. Canon Spaid will be posting the Rector position in August, and it will remain open for approximately two months, at which time he will close it and begin the review...

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Search Committee Update – 6/9/19

The Search Committee has held and continues to hold conversations after services for input from the parishioners.  We are developing two documents required by the Diocese: The Parish Profile, describing who we are and where are we going; and Ministry Portfolio describing our parish. The...

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Search Committee Update – May 2019

Preparation for a Rector Search include a self-assessment, asking ourselves questions such as who are we, where do we see ourselves going and why do we return to The Mediator. Worshipers were asked to join in small conversations following three services. Members of the Search Committee facilitated...

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Search Committee Update – 4/25/2019

The Committee convened for two months by teleconferencing while the Chair was out of town but now all are meeting face to face. During that time ground work was laid for the documents we must prepare.

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