All are welcome!

Sunday Morning Holy Eucharist: 10:30AM (MI time)
Thursday Evening: 8:00PM (MI time)
Church Office: 269-469-1441

The Episcopal Church of the Mediator welcomes all people as children of God, wherever you are on your journey of faith. We welcome all people to our church regardless of sexual identity, orientation, race or ethnicity. We believe that God loves us.


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Fundraising Continues

Updated October 5, 2021

#4 New Auction items: Locally sourced and cut Cherry, Oak, and Walnut wood made into two Clocks and a Shelf by Mick Lantis. These  are beautiful pieces of art for your home or as gift ideas.

These items will be on display at Mediator and are available to be yours through our auction. Check out these pieces beginning Sunday and mark your bid on the sheets. If you’re unable to be at church, call the office (269-469-1441) and ask Candice to mark your bid during business hours (Mon-Thu, 9a-1p) or stop by the church during business hours starting Wednesday, Oct 13 .

#3 Auction item winner: Susan Collins was our highest bidder for the basket full of home-baked love by the Rev. Richard Emich and Bill Card. With the anonymous matching gift, we raised $200. 

#2 Auction item winners: Our winners are: Susan Collins (grey bunny), Mtr. Darlene Kuhn (brown bunny), Mary Lesch (shawl), and David Lewis (scarf). Thank you to all who bid on these beautiful items and to Mary White for creating them for the auction. We raised $120.

#1 Auction item winners: Ruth & Max Merrifield were the highest bidders on the UP Michigan basket of goodies. We raised $45.

Would you like Amazon to give to Mediator? If yes is your answer, use this link ( and select Church of the Mediator as the preferred charity when placing your Amazon orders. You must use the above link in order for Mediator to receive the money. 

Recent Event: Blessing of the Animals

On Saturday, Oct 2, Mtr. Darlene blessed our four-legged friends on the front walk of the church. We were honored to have so many pets in our presence. Click through the photos below to relive our event.

Read the Harbor Country News article about our event by clicking here.

Click here to open the Service Bulletin.


Recent Event: Celebration of Harvest and Harvesters 

Updated Oct 11, 2021

Thank you Mediator family for giving so much for the annual Celebration of the Harvest.

Click on the images below to see the success of the event and how much food/supplies were collected.

Upcoming Events: Mediator Mindful Walking

Our next walk is Saturday, Oct 16, at 8:00am (MI time). We will meet in the Chikaming Township Park & Preserve parking lot located east of the I-94 overpass on Warren Woods Road. This is a Pet-friendly, Family-friendly, and Just plain friendly gathering.

All are welcome on this beautiful, easy, and peaceful walk.

“Walking is a great way to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life and has been practiced as a meditative technique for thousands of years.” – Andy Puddicombe


Updated Sep 21, 2021

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, we gathered as a community around our new Labyrinth and dedicated Mediator’s newest edition while celebrating with a Holy Eucharist service with Canon Alan James, Interim Canon Missioner, and Mtr. Darlene Kuhn, Rector. To view a video of the service, click here.
Note: Photos of the service will be posted soon.

Labyrinth Parking:
When visiting the labyrinth, we encourage people to park in the church parking lot and walk around the Red Arrow side of the church or park along Lake Shore Road behind the church.
We ask that you do not drive onto the lawn area to park when visiting the labyrinth. Thank you!

New Mediator Directory  

Updated Sep 22, 2021

Our updated Directory is available for review each Sunday as we complete the final tweaks.

If you have not provided an updated photo, please submit one via email to Candice (

Christian Formation – Sacred Ground Series

Updated Oct 14, 2021

Join us Wednesday, Oct 27, at 6:00pm (MI time) as we continue our Sacred Ground series. Attending prior sessions is not a requirement.

Session 10 pre-work can be found at this link:
Note: Please contact Mtr. Darlene, Bill Card, or Candice in the Church Office (269-469-1441) for the password.

You can review the series syllabus by clicking here.

Please join us. All are welcome!

Mediator’s New Little Library

Added Sep 9, 2021

Thank you Linda Anderson for finding us a Little Library and painting it to match our building. We are also thankful to Mick Lantis for installing the library along Lake Shore Road and within view of our Labyrinth.

How does a little library work? Anyone is welcome to stop by, look through the books and other church/labyrinth information. Take whatever you would like. When you’re finished, return your book or give us some of your other books you read.

This new addition is great for our friends along Lake Shore Road and the Harbor Country community. Spread the word to your friends to stop by and see our new little library.

New Tiny Art Gallery of Mediator

Added Oct 11, 2021

Welcome to our new tiny art gallery located on Lake Shore Road and next to our Little Library. The Gallery is a project of our church and our goal is to offer opportunities to build a beloved community. Check out our Tiny Gallery Facebook page by clicking here and stay tuned for more details.

Stewardship 2022

It is not too late to submit your Pledge card for 2022.

We invite you to view all Stewardship 2022 information on our Stewardship page by clicking the Outreach & Ministries tab and selecting Stewardship or by clicking here.

Please contact Mtr. Darlene, David Lewis (Sr. Warden), or any of the Vestry members if you have questions with Stewardship 2022.

With thanks,
Your Vestry

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  • All times are listed in MI time
  • Office Hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:00am – 1:00pm. Office is closed Friday/Saturday.
  • Refer to the Outreach & Ministries > Recorded Service page or the Mediatorite link above to check any additional details of the items below

OCTOBER 10 – 16, 2021

    SUNDAY, OCT 10: 

    • 10:30am – Holy Eucharist – Indoors in the Sanctuary
      Note: Due to the increase in the COVID-19 Delta variant, we are requiring attendees to wear a mask. 
    • Click here for the Service Bulletin

    MONDAY, OCT 11: Church office closed for the holiday

    TUESDAY, OCT 12: Church office closed


    THURSDAY, OCT 14: 

    • 8:00pm – Healing Prayer (via Zoom)
      • Click here to join
      • Click here for the bulletin


    • 8:00am – Mediator Mindful Walking group meets at the Chikaming Township Park & Preserve parking lot located east of the I-94 overpass on Warren Woods Road

    OCTOBER 17 – 23, 2021

      SUNDAY, OCT 17: 

      • 10:30am – Holy Eucharist – Indoors in the Sanctuary
        Note: Masks are required when inside the building. 
      • Click here for the Service Bulletin

      MONDAY, OCT 18:

      • 10:00am – Worship & Music Committee meeting

      TUESDAY, OCT 19: 

      WEDNESDAY, OCT 20: 

        THURSDAY, OCT 21: 

        • 8:00pm – Healing Prayer (via Zoom)
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          • Click here for the bulletin

          Come unto me all ye who travail and are heavy laden, and I will refresh you.

          Matthew 25:11-16

          Visiting Us

          At the Episcopal Church of the Mediator, you are welcome! We are pleased to invite individuals, groups, and families to join in our services, our ministries, and the community events we engage in.

          Church with Children!

          We are an all-ages congregation, and we understand that everyone has a vital role to play in our church community. For that reason, we do not exclude children from the sanctuary. 

          Outreach and Ministries

          The Episcopal Church encourages its members to participate in ministries that serve our faith family and our broader communities. Our ministries rely on the support we give each other to carry on.

          Nourishing all through worship, study, and love, according to our baptismal covenant.

          At baptism, we agree to help one another and all people to live well—to live good lives, and to live in peace and understanding, seeking harmony and always striving toward becoming the people that God has made us capable of being. We study and worship as Jesus directed us, always mindful that, while we will never be perfect, we have the blessing of knowing His example, and the opportunity to try again and again to be His love in this world.

          Striving to serve our parish, families, community, and our world.

          Ours is a fellowship of service as well as worship. We recognize our place in our world as people who are called to serve, to use the resources at hand to make our world better for each other, and for future generations to come.

          Come Visit Us!

          We are part of a unique Lake Michigan community just a short drive from New Buffalo, MI on Red Arrow Highway. We are also conveniently close to another lakeshore community, Saint Joseph.