Sacraments & Celebrations

At the Episcopal Church of the Mediator in Harbert, Michigan, we celebrate the sacraments of the Church with love and joy. We welcome one another and our community to share in recognizing the spirit in our lives through the sacred celebrations of our most holy moments.

Our Anglican tradition recognizes sacraments as “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.” (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 857)

Baptism – We welcome new members to our church and to the community of Christianity in the most sacred of ceremonies. We all join in describing the Christ-centered life, and in voicing our support of the person in leading a life of peace, joy, and above all, love.

Eucharist, or Communion – At the sacred enactment of the Eucharist, we come into communion with our fellow Christians, the world over. We express our desire to be in cooperative partnership with all creation when we participate in the holy supper.

Confirmation – When a person chooses to become a member of the Episcopal Church, after studying the tenets of the church, they are confirmed before the bishop and are welcomed as full, voting members of the Worldwide Anglican Communion.

Matrimony – One of the most recognizable sacraments is that of marriage. We celebrate the joining of two individuals into a life that celebrates their desire to share their future, to share their love and care for life. The Episcopal Church welcomes couples who wish to bond their lives in Christ and in the belief that marriage is a lifelong union of heart, body, and mind, regardless of identity.

Unction – The Episcopal Church offers anointment with holy oil to bless the sick or the dying. By calling the church office (269-469-1441), you may request this most comforting ministry. When prayer is most wanted, our community calls upon one another, and we answer with prayer.
Healing Prayers with anointing is available once a month during Sunday worship, usually the first Sunday of the month

Ordination – Some will feel the call to ministry at a level beyond that of lay ministry, and seek to serve in the role of deacon, priest, or eventually bishop. For those individuals, study, reflection, and commitment lead to taking holy orders.

Reconciliation of the Penitent – Penitence is recognition of sin and heaviness of conscience, with the desire to seek mercy and forgiveness. While the Episcopal Church does not practice Confession in precisely the same way one finds it in the Catholic tradition, we do recognize the moral and spiritual benefit of penitence, confession, repentance, and reconciliation. One may rely on the total confidentiality of confession, and feel the spiritual refreshment of forgiveness and reconciliation with our Most Gracious Lord.

The sacraments offer both joy and comfort to Christians, as we celebrate the unfolding seasons of our lives. Join us for regular celebration of the Eucharist. We welcome you.

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