Active Ministries

Members of the Episcopal Church of the Mediator have created a variety of ministries that serve our faith family and our broader communities. Contact the church if you would like to find out more about any of these opportunities to put your faith into action.

Altar Guild


Adult Christian Education

Episcopal Church Women (aka St. Molly’s Guild)


Children & Youth Christian Formation 

Church Yard Gardeners

Daughters of the King

Eucharistic Visitors


– Coffee Hour
– Church Picnic
– Thankful Sunday
– Summer Fellowship Dinners

Flower Guild

Lay Liturgical Services

– Ushers
– Epistle Readers

Mighty Men of Mediator

Order of St Luke

Organ Music Volunteers

Outreach Mission Field

– Chikaming Elementary Schools Book Share
Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen
– Mobile Food Pantry through Feeding America
(click here to read an article about this mission and click here to see some of our photos)
– Harbor Country Emergency Food Pantry & Thrift Store
Neighbor by Neighbor
– Pet Outreach
– Summer Art Camp
– Supporting Local Families

Southwest Michigan Interfaith Action  
Click here for the SW MI Interfaith Facebook site.

Sunday Service Recorded Services

Vergers Guild


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make a major time commitment to participate in a ministry?

Some ministries are more time consuming than others. If you have a limited schedule, speak to the coordinator of the ministry that has captured your interest. In most cases, a scheduling solution can be discovered. Contact the office to get connected to the ministry coordinator.

Do I have to make a long-term commitment?

Several of our ministries are seasonal, so if you prefer a shorter term, or if you are in the are for a limited time, you may find that one fits well in your schedule.

Could I give something other than money or time?

The coordinators of each of our ministries understand that both of these can be in short supply! If you have an idea of a resource that you are willing to provide, please do speak to the coordinator of the ministry that you are interested in. Contact the office to get connected to the ministry coordinator.

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