We spent a few short years with him.

We got to know him well.

We ate and drank and laughed and spoke

 until the day he fell…

bittersweet is friendship

 the story that we tell.

We doubted him, we trusted him

and watched his wondrous deeds.

With simple love his greatest gift 

he bowed to meet our needs…

bittersweet the thorns he bore

God’s rose amidst the weeds.

We shared our travels on the road

in towns and by the sea.

He quieted the storms inside

and on the Sea of Galilee..

bittersweet the rescue

to drowning men set free.

We loved him with a mortal love

the love of man to man 

were ripped asunder, left bereft

as he worked his father’s plan…

bittersweet the parting cross

we did not understand.

His death, eternal friendship  

his resurrection guaranteed

that though we part but briefly

our love’s in his eternity…

so bitter was his parting

so sweet the victory!

RMH 1991