A request for help from Father Frandsen’s son: My dad, a retired Episcopal Priest, turned 98 years old on June 4th, and he currently lives in the Whitcomb Retirement Community in St Joseph, MI.  While the Whitcomb is far & away the most affordable option in our area, Dad is still able to only BARELY afford to stay there.  My brother & I are not capable of providing the day to day care that he would need if he were to move in with one of us, and private assistance nearly round the clock would be, I fear, far more expensive than the Whitcomb.  The honest truth is that he is outliving his money.  He gets about $1,500 a month from Social Security, and about $2,200 from the church pension fund.  His monthly bill at the Whitcomb is between $3,400 and $3,600 depending upon what additional services he may have needed during that month.  He loves it there, but over the years, paying medical bills, unmet expenses for hospital stays, prescriptions, etc. on top of his housing costs, we have slowly nibbled away at what little savings he has, just making ends meet.  

I’d like to raise just a little amount to get his savings back up & a little healthier, to take the financial worries off his mind.  If you know Phil & I, you know we’re not exactly rolling in dough, but we do what we can.  I just would like to have dad’s situation be one where he doesn’t have to constantly think about money at this point in his life. EVERY NICKEL of whatever we raise will go directly to his living expenses & savings account.  Every single penny.  It would be such a relief knowing that even if we padded his account a little bit, it would make such a difference for him, and give him such peace of mind.  He’s lucky to have the income he does, I know that.  Not everyone has a pension anymore, and thank goodness Social Security is still around!  In today’s world though, it doesn’t go very far.

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I cannot express how grateful I’d be if we could get anywhere near the 5K goal I set.  If you’ve ever met my dad, you’d know how grateful he would be too, and how humbled he’d be at the notion that you took the time & expense to help.

I have set up a “go fund me” page for him that is public on my Facebook page, or it’s on “go fund me.com” and search for Rev. Charles Frandsen, ret.

Thanks SO MUCH if you are able. -John Frandsen

A note to the congregation: If you want to donate directly instead of using Go Fund Me, write a check to the Church of the Mediator, and in the memo line write Ftr. Charles Frandsen, and we will get the funds to him. Father Frandsen holds a special place in the hearts of our parish.  He was our Priest and after he retired he became our Supply Priest and Interim Minister for many years before we were able to hire a part-time or full-time priest. Our Rose Window is dedicated to Father Frandsen and his family.

-Linda Anderson, Senior Warden