A quick refresher.  The Search Committee was charged on January 27, 2019.  The Committee has been following the Diocese’s deliberate process for hiring a new priest.   This required the production of two documents based on parish introspection and conversations.  These documents then went to the Vestry for approval who moved the documents to the Diocese for approval.  Following this, the rector vacancy was posted – for us that was August and remained open for approximately two months. Subsequently the Diocese completed a first screening of candidates. We received names of three qualified candidates on October 29. 

Your Search Committee has completed our paper review of the candidates and issued a set of written questions for the candidates to complete and return within a short dead line.  Our review of those responses is completed and we are scheduling the three candidates for individual Skype interviews.  While we are moving quickly now that the ball is in our court, we are working with the calendar schedules of three priests and seven Committee persons!  We are pursuing vigorous scheduling – completing the first Skype interviews in early December.  In the face of the holidays and respecting holiday commitments, we will continue to pursue vigorous attempts to schedule the second round in December as possible.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the church and committee members.  Thank you your understanding of confidentiality, particularly at this crucial time as committee members are handling candidate names and resumes.