NEW Stewardship 2022

Updated July 23, 2021

Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received. – 1 Peter 4:10

Stewardship 2022 officially kicks off 

On Sunday, August 1, we kicked off our Stewardship with an outdoor picnic following the service. Below is a link to our Stewardship 2022 letter from the vestry and a link to our Pledge form. The letter and pledge form were mailed to members with your 2Q statements. Additional copies can also be picked up at the church following a service or by stopping by the office during business hours (Mon – Thu, 9am – 1pm).

Stewardship 2022 letter link          Pledge form link

During Stewardship or at any time during the year, consider setting up a recurring online giving process. Online giving is safe and easy to set up through our website.

To request assistance in setting up your online giving, please call Candice at 269-469-1441 to let her know you need assistance. Online giving information can be found by clicking the Giving tab at the top of the page or by clicking here.

Please continue mailing in or bringing your 2021 pledges to church and placing them in the offering plate. You can safely and easily go to our online giving page to submit your pledge electronically by clicking here.

Why I Pledge 2022 series by various members

In the life of the church, as in the life of every person, the question of how we can live within our budget comes up quite often. In fact, Jesus spoke so often on the topic of money, that it is a regular theme. The importance of Jesus’ teachings about money, however, rest on the use of that income to make the lives of oneself and others better. He wanted his audiences to grasp that money was an easy to recognize symbol of things of this earth, of things we can want, and get, and trade for. But the bottom line is that money must be put to the best use, or it becomes the focus of one’s whole life.

Why I Pledge by David Lewis, Senior Warden

July 27, 2021

Dear Mediator family and friends

August is Stewardship time at Episcopal Church of the Mediator, which means some of us will be telling you why we pledge to Mediator.

I give to Mediator so we have a church home that offers spiritual growth, so we can keep the lights on, so we can enjoy the warmth on a cold day or coolness during the summertime. I also give because of you … members we’ve grown to know and love. I give with the gift of money, but also give with the gift of time – weeding, clipping branches/limbs, wrapping lights on bushes at Christmastime, changing the men’s waterless urinal filter – yes, that’s right. It is waterless, but it has a filter and must be changed once a year. Digging out the sump pump drain into the cattails along Red Arrow to ensure the basement doesn’t flood from a backup of water, working on the website, and supporting Zoom during the Pandemic.  

I give to this church because I want her to grow and prosper with new members/families and expand outreach to our community. I give to this church because I want a full-time Priest who is dedicated to teaching us and guiding us spiritually. A spiritual leader pushing us to think outside the box, consider new ways of doing things that could possibly become a Mediator tradition.

Many of you do the same with similar or totally different talents. Creating beautiful planters at the entrance, flower arranging for the altar, working outside in the yard, teaching kids during Sunday School, singing in the choir, playing an instrument, reading, cleaning, preparing/hosting coffee hour, serving on the Vestry or other committees/groups. Many give gifts of money, gifts of money and talent, as well as gifts of talents and time. Our church is truly blessed.

Mediator cannot survive on her good looks … oh yes, she looks great when driving by on Red Arrow. We, as members, friends, or newcomers, must look at our own finances and prayerfully determine what can we give to Mediator to help fund our employee salaries, building operating expenses, and outreach.

In closing, thank you for taking the time to read my letter. As your Senior Warden, I also thank you for your continued financial support that helps keep Mediator open/running and for being a faithful church member who makes Mediator a wonderful church home and welcomes all who walk through her doors.

With thanks!

Why We Pledge by Rebecca and Hope

August 6, 2021

When we bought a second home in New Buffalo 8 years ago, we were looking for a church to attend in the area. We went “church shopping” and found the Church of the Mediator on our third try. Even though we’re Lutheran, we felt at home right away and we knew we had found our new Michigan church home. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, especially Mother Paula. We appreciated the traditional liturgy and worship, which also helped us feel right at home.

Although we aren’t able to attend the Mediator every Sunday, we feel very much a part of the community and family there. We are inspired by the social justice outreach that is championed by the Mediator, such as Neighbor by Neighbor, the mobile food pantry, and providing holiday meals to families in need.

We feel it is important to support the Mediator financially, and also to give of our time and talents. I’ve recently enjoyed proofreading the Mediatorite and singing in the choir, both virtually and in person. It’s been wonderful to finally be able to attend church services again in person and see so many familiar faces on Sundays.

We look forward to being part of what this wonderful congregation continues to accomplish in the years to come.

Why I Pledge by Judith Joseph, Vestry

August 8, 2021

Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, a 60 year old woman joined the Mediator family. During that first decade, Mediator Stewardship campaigns were just a part of being a cradle Episcopalian. She simply tithed as she had been taught. She works and worked in theatre since she was 16…and while that’s a zig-zag way of making a living, she was successful enough to own properties, small businesses, upscale cars, high end clothes and so forth. So she was able to give generously to her churches all her life.

But some unexpected things happened in rapid succession over the following decade to interrupt her “golden years”. They took her on a bleak path; eventually to having to declare bankruptcy, sell property and apply for government assistance to meet simple living expenses.

Stewardship campaigns, even birthdays and Christmases, then became times of hand-wringing – even fear. She had nothing to give. She had forgotten to put her new way of living in God’s hands, because she was so busy dealing with the lessons of humility, pridefulness, self-pity and even despair.

But the Holy Spirit and her Mediator family wouldn’t let her forget that instead of nothing, she now had different things to give. And that God was waiting for her to let Him show her how to navigate her new circumstances. 

And so her life changed. The pain of change always aches. But Stewardship is not supposed to be aches and pains. It is a discernment that should bring a fulfillment. The woman in my story had to reconsider the act of “giving”.  Money, of course, but of equal importance, Service. Service to God’s people, God’s building, God’s mission of Love. Once the woman saw what she could give, her spiritual life was given back to her, with interest.

Since this story began with “once upon a time” it should end with a “happily ever after” and I know the woman will live out her life this way, changes and all. But she is still asking something of you today: to be still for a moment and consider God’s loving gift to us – The Church of the Mediator. And that He has asked us to steward this gift with all our might.

Open, O Lord, the eyes of all people to behold thy gracious hand in all thy works, that, rejoicing in thy whole creation, they may honor thee with their substance, and be faithful stewards of thy bounty.          

The Book of Common Prayer, 1979, p. 329

In chapter 22 of Matthew, Jesus divides the tributes to be paid into what is Caesar’s and what is owed to God, based on whose likeness is shown. The coins are fine for Caesar, while the person, made in the image of God, the whole person, and all that one is, belongs to God. So, we may genuinely ask what we can give of ourselves, in addition to our annual pledge, that will be an offering of the parts of ourselves that were made in the image of God. In what ways do we reflect the treasures that God has given each of us that we can bring to the world around us, in His name, to serve our community?

Supporting Our Church

Through Giving

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Through Prayer

Support Church of the Mediator through prayer:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

– Mark 11:24

Through Service

Support Church of the Mediator through service.  Please speak with a Vestry member or other members of the church to match your skills and interests to the needs of the Church as well as the Harbor Country community. 

Through Endowment Planning

When you or a family member wish to make a specific gift to Church of the Mediator, restricted or unrestricted, please contact the Senior Warden to discuss your wishes.

Through Estate Planning

When you or a family member wish to discuss how to include Church of the Mediator in your estate planning, please contact the Senior Warden to make your wishes known and how you wish to express those wishes in the Church’s future.

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