Stewardship at Mediator

As a “seasonal” member of the Vestry, I know how difficult it can be for seasonal members to decide how they should divide their annual giving between the Mediator and their winter church. The easy thing to do is to just make cash or check contributions in the plate when you attend. This is, of course, gratefully received but will not be as helpful to the church as a pledge which helps the Vestry have a more accurate estimate of expected receipts for the coming year for budgeting purposes. Let me put forward several suggestions for how you might want to put together a pledge:

1. Decide how much of your resources you want to give to God in the coming year.

2. Divide that amount by: 

·  the number of months you spend at each  church or

·  The level of your involvement in church events at each church, or

·  The degree of need you see at each church, or

·  The effectiveness of the church’s outreach programs, or

·  The effect the services and programs of the church have on you personally.

3.  Perhaps easier would be to pledge the amount you gave each church last year which you should be able to find in last year’s tax return, or simply write on the pledge card, “I pledge the same amount I gave to the church last year.”

Harold Russell, Vestry Member