Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan Beloved Community:  Task Force on Dismantling Racism.  The Task Force on Dismantling Racism has a mandate to develop knowledge and skills aimed at dismantling racism in our diocese via training and other initiatives. The Task Force’s goal is a step toward making visible God’s likeness and goodness in every person and in the life of the church institution in which we minister, so that the church leaders can be healing and reconciling agents in our communities and in our time. The Rt. Rev. Whayne M. Hougland, Jr. is serving as the Spiritual Lead of the Commission Task Force, while the Rev. Canon Valerie Ambrose has been appointed to serve as the convener of the Task Force.

Four Sub-committees have been created to facilitate the mandate of the commission Task Force. Those Sub-committees are:

· Education/Training/Facilitation

· Evaluation and Assessment

· Parish Strategy and Mentoring

· Marketing and Public Relations

Bill Card is serving on the Marketing and Public Relations Sub-committee. He serves as a member of the team that develops and manages a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships across the EDWM. The Task Force on Dismantling Racism will build on the fine work of the long-standing Healing Racism Commission of our Diocese. Thank you, Bill, for serving.