On Sunday afternoon, March 5, Mediator played host to another School of American Music (SAM) concert with 53 people in attendance. It was a beautiful afternoon in a beautiful setting filled with beautiful music.
Note: Photos below of the concert. We also invite you to visit the SAM Facebook page for additional photos.

Donna Mitchell, Mediator member and SAM Executive Director, stated, “Tres Belle was a huge hit today at Mediator! Even with one of the singers down due to illness and with another one just coming off of being sick. Two spontaneous standing ovations. Yells of brava and bravo and very long ovations even for individual pieces. The artists loved the venue as much as the audience. There were very many compliments on the space and the welcome!”

Donna went on to say, “Thank you so much to the folks of Mediator for sharing your space. The artists were thrilled with the room and acoustics and loved the design and planning of the whole building.  We appreciate so much your willingness to share.  The artist who played the piano today loved the piano and was very happy to be playing it. Our piano tuner also came today just to hear the instrument in concert. Thank you also to the men and women who have helped us set up and return the sanctuary seating to the regular layout … It helps so much!  Thank you and blessings!  I think we are on our way to some really good things!”

Mediator is fortunate to play host on April 16 at 3:00pm to the North American Brass Company. Click here to add this concert to your calendar.